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Separating The Strains

In this powerful and personal documentary, DJ and epilepsy sufferer Chelsea Leyland brings us into the world of epilepsy, and guides us through the controversial debate surrounding cannabis derived treatments.


In 2016, Chelsea made the life-changing decision to wean herself off of traditional medications and treat her epilepsy solely with cannabis derived medicine.  She has now been seizure free for two years... But is all as it seems in the industry? What happens to someone like Chelsea when there is little regulation in place?


DJ, Epileptic, Activist, &

Producer/Co Director

We will accompany Chelsea on her journey as she explores the medicinal cannabis industry, whilst drawing us into the world of epilepsy and other conditions. Chelsea has now been seizure free and off of all pharmaceutical medications for a year and a half, using only Cannabidiol (CBD) to treat her epilepsy. Activism  is a prominent part of Chelsea's life, using her position to help others to have access to the knowledge of how medical cannabis can revolutionise people's lives.


Director & Producer

Caroline has been making short films and documentaries for the last few years under her production company Sharp Payne. From her background in neuroscience, Caroline has had a particular focus on science and mental health related projects. Her most recent short film won special mention at the 2018 Berlinale Film Festival.



Sophie is a freelance producer, working in London. She has independently produced a number of short films. She previously worked at Full Fat Films production company, with whom she produced a variety of adverts, music videos and fashion films with high value budgets.  


Executive Producer

Nick is a media producer with experience in all areas of popular music, spoken word, video, film, and new media development.  He is developing a full-length documentary film titled Local Action, tracking grassroots efforts,to ensure a sustainable future and is the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation, a U.S. non-profit  working to integrate sustainability in elementary education.


Director of Photography

 Tom is an award winning Cinematographer based in London. His passion for visual storytelling has been nurtured under the watch of modern day masters including Emmanuel 'Chivo' Lubezki, Janusz Kaminski and Greig Fraser. After working on the crew of 4 of the highest grossing films of all time, Tom’s recent Cinematography work has included both fashion and narrative pieces. Last year he shot the Micro Unit on 'Solo:A Star Wars Story'. Tom is part of BAFTA Crew and is an Associate Member of the GBCT (Guild of British Camera Technicians.) 



Kristyna has the unusual distinction of having an equally solid background in features and TV as she does in commercials, corporates and promos. Her route into producing came through the AD department. Over the years she has Produced and Line Produced both small and big projects all over the world. Now based in London, Kristyna successfully runs her own production company, Staunch Films.  


Associate Producer

Jonathan is a concussion advocate – helping those who are going through the pains of head trauma by sharing resources, information, stories, science. At 16 he incurred a life-changing head injury, leaving him with a massive concussion and fractured neck. He was prescribed more than 25 medications and was told he may never recover. His life was transformed when he became one of the first paediatric medical cannabis patients in Maine.  



James is a composer and producer whose work has included a wide range of productions across feature film, documentary film, adverts, sound installations, fashion shows and contemporary music. In 2016, James composed the scores for Redistributors and the documentary Halfway. At Thread, an artist residency in Senegal he produced music for fashion designer Grace Wales Bonner and recorded his score to Malcolm Sutherland’s new animation. James composed the soundscape score to Sampha’s film Process, directed by Kahlil Joseph. Recently, James completed a sound installation at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

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