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Two sisters suffering from epilepsy, living on opposite sides of the world, leading dramatically different lives. This story follows Chelsea Leyland in a race against time to save her sister Tamsin, trying to gain her access to a medicine that could be the difference between life and death. That medicine? Cannabis.

When we began this documentary, the focus was to bring to light a condition that is heavily stigmatised and rarely discussed, despite being one of the oldest conditions known to man and affecting 60 million people worldwide. The unique story is that Chelsea found an alternative treatment, one that is still illegal in most places around the world, the treatment gave her a vastly improved quality of life but also a more effective treatment for her seizures. As time has passed, the medical cannabis debate has exploded into the public forum, lead by patients and parents of children with epilepsy. This movement has increased awareness through emotive and heart wrenching anecdotal accounts but has also brought with it a vast amount of misinformation and misleading reports. The subject is zeitgeist and this is an important time to make a documentary which digs deep into the truth of cannabis prohibition using scientific data to provide educational information for patients, doctors and politicians, some who still base their judgements in archaic and entrenched stigma.

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